PIOLENC| 17,015 kWp

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Vaucluse, Fance

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Date of operation: October 2019

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Application: QUARRY LAC

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Capacity: 17,015 kWp

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Technology used: Hydrelio® Air 4 in a row

For this project, Laketricity (previously Multimega , the Ciel et Terre group development arm entity) has been at the initiative of the project where the very first French floating solar pilot system was installed. The project development was carried out between Akuo and Laketricity who remained active during the development phase as well as contributed significantly to the project engineering. This power plant is now operated by Akuo.

About the solar plant :

The FPV plant counts 47,264 modules of floating solar panels of 60 P2cells (Trinasolar – 360 W modules). The whole structure covers 38,8% of the water surface. The anchoring was made with concrete block.

For this project, Laketricity’s scope included:

  • Project Development
  • Project Engineering
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