Other activities: aquafarming and agri PV

Other activities

In addition to floating solar activities, we extended our field of expertise to Agri-PV and Aquafarming. We cultivate our wish to develop respectful yet consistent structures that will allow a practical distribution of renewable energies.

Our activities - agri PV

Agri PV

We identify the best approach to optimize the use of agricultural land without sacrificing existing farming activities. This balance sustains both activities, for example PV systems can be adapted and used as sprinklers on nearby fields. 

Our track record

  • 2 projects under development
  • 150MW by 2025

Agri PV benefits:

  • Optimize land usage
  • Decrease land cost for farmers
  • Racking system can also be used for agricultural activities like integrated for sprinklers
  • Provide shade for crops exposed to extreme heat
Other activities: aquafarming

Aquafarming PV

We offer solutions to combine fish farming activities and solar projects. Depending on your existing aqua culture type, we provide the most adequate solution to integrate both activities: pile mounted structures and rooftop PV plants.

Our track record

  • 3MW under construction
  • 5 projects ongoing
  • 200MW by 2025

Aquafarming PV benefits:

  • Optimize land usage
  • Decrease land cost for fish farmer
  • Multiple type of powerplant combination options
  • Stabilize the water temperature
  • Resist strong wind for the aqua culture

What do we offer ?

Pictogramme : financial


  • Long-term lease agreement or land acquisition
Pictogramme : Technical


  • A unique expertise facilitating procedures and permits approvals for a quick project completion
  • A complete understanding of the site’s technical challenges thanks to Ciel & Terre’s experience, 
  • Integrated operation and maintenance services*   

(*depending on the region)

Pictogramme : Integrated to its environment

Integrated to its environment

  • Social: Consultation, participatory financing, compatible with commercial or industrial activity with the plant installation
  • Environmental: implementation of positive action plans supporting the preservation and development of the local biodiversity.

Your benefits

Owners : field and fishery

  • Value your unused space and/or add a profitable activity with your initial one
  • Bring a new long-term and sustainable source of income 
  • Enjoy a turnkey solution with no additional fees, no field modification and no denaturing construction
  • Play a part in the energy transition by installing a floating solar project and gain a positive image 
  • Benefit of a solution where administrative procedures are fully managed by our team!
  • Conserve precious land for agriculture and commercial operations.

Government & Institutions :

  • Optimize used space to generate clean energy and/or covering energy consumption need of the site
  • Integrate energy solutions which preserve the environment and the biodiversity 
  • Provide added values for fishermen with better working conditions (infrastructures, fishery monitoring), generate an additional and stable income
  • Contribute to the local economy by creating work opportunities during the project’s lifetime
  • Combine clean energy production with your regional economic activities 
  • Benefit of a solution where our teams develop and manage the project from start to end
  • Become one of the major actors in renewable energy development
  • Galvanize our region by valuing renewable energy

Dev & IPP

For developer and IPPs who are interested in this type of powerplants, in addition to bringing the solar solution, we can also: 

  • give you options for the approaches to collaborate with the fisherman to ensure the project to move on smoothly
  • suggest the suitable layout for the farming activities while not compromising the investment of the powerplant.