Our activities

Our core business is the development of floating solar farms by turning your underutilized fresh waterbodies into profitable asset. In addition, our scope of expertise also includes other applications such as rooftop, Aqua farming, Agri-PV depending on the project location. 

At Laketricity, we develop projects fitting your operational and site constraints, we adapt our solution based on your needs and site characteristics. We can provide financial benefits for underutilized water-body surfaces and expand renewable energy to make tomorrow a better planet by preserving available lands, people, and the natural environment.

80 MWp installed

90 Projects

10 Countries

800 MWp in our pipeline by 2025

Our activities: support

We bring support to

  • Institutions
  • Local authorities
  • Pond or field owners
  • Developers
  • IPPs

Our scope

We promote and accelerate solar project development by bringing the optimum solution to add value to your real estate.

Our scope: Site Qualification

Site Qualification

We select the most suitable site combining a methodological screening and a field dialog with the local authorities and owners to alleviate any potential hurdles as early as possible. Based on our experience we can offer the best lease terms for landowners.

Our scope: Design & Develop

Design & Develop

Developing sustainable and sound projects is what we do: 

  • We assume all the costs related to the entitlement and permitting process. 
  • We design all our power plants within the highest standards of the floating PV industry: Preliminary technical assessment, anchoring, and DC array design. 
  • We ensure all the necessary feasibility studies*. We have developed a strong local expertise to avoid any roadblocks for the smooth development of the project. (*surveys : legal, environmental, technical, electrical, yield, and structural studies). 
  • We include all the stakeholders during the consultation process and engage in constructive dialog.
  • We bring additional values to the environment and local communities.
Our scope: Invest & Finance

Invest & Finance

As part of our inclusive approach, we can propose innovative financing solutions and encourage community solar projects whenever it is possible. We can take care of the creation and review of investment proposals, and expert consultation for financial viability of projects.

laketricity's scope - construction supervision

Construction supervision

At Laketricity, our role is to guarantee that all floating solar constructions we supervise, match the highest standards of performance & quality of the industry. We overview the deployment of the projects from their initial step to avoid impacts on the environment. Ensuring our construction schedule will not suffer delay in the commissioning is also one of our strong commitments.

Our scope: Operation & Asset management

Operations & Asset management

The long-lasting performance of our projects is the main goal of our teams. We engage all necessary means to ensure the power plant optimum functioning. Our team of experts monitors the power farm in real time and manage the optimization on site with our operation & maintenance partner. In addition, we thrive to implement an agile governance to deliver quick solutions for the asset management.

Our solutions