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George tells us about his experience at Laketricity USA

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Working at Laketricity is like having a crystal ball…

About a decade ago, years before my joining Laketricity, I remember sitting at a kitchen table with a husband and wife in their NY home. My job was to assure them that putting solar on their rooftop was a smart and safe investment. But when they insisted on seeing another rooftop installation in their neighborhood, there were none to be found. Yet, today, in that same NY suburb, rooftop solar is everywhere you look.

Joining Laketricity

By joining Laketricity a few years ago, then as first US-based floating solar (FPV) development employee, my goal was to go back in time where the vast majority of the solar opportunity was ahead of me. And considering that NREL predicts that 9.6% of the US electrical load will be generated by FPV, I believe I did just that.

Laketricity is the independant development arm of Ciel et Terre International Group, the leading manufacturer of the patented Hydrelio floating solar system. With a parent company with over 1,6 GWp of FPV experience and +290 projects, being supported by expert engineers, dedicated lines of finance and advanced software tools.

I couldn’t imagine being in a better ground-floor position to capitalize on the growing FPV market. Rooftop, ground mount and car port solar has exploded so it doesn’t take a clairvoyant to see that FPV will do the same. With the vast amount of underutilized water surfaces in the USA untapped, it doesn’t take a crystal ball to know that my future at Laketricity looks bright.

Our questions

  1. Could you tell us about your role at Laketricity?

I am the Northeast Senior Project Developer. I use our software tools to identify qualified water bodies to co-development floating solar with partners with local solar expertise.

  1. What is a special memory at Laketricity?

Riding a small row boat, powered by a portable electric motor, around a 4MW FPV installation while being interviewed for news broadcast by France TV. Another is eating movie-popcorn with our management team watching the new Matrix movie.

  1. If you have a motto, what is it?  

There is always a win-win solution.

  1. What would you say to someone joining Laketricity?  

You are at the bottom floor of a great emerging-market opportunity.

Tempted to join the Laketricity adventure like George?

  1. Can you share with us your view on the future of floating solar? 

Once the many levels of political influence in the USA realize the potential of floating solar, and the environmentalists realize floating solar is neutral-to-positive for reservoirs, Katie bar the door!

With no need for deforestation to clear space there is no reason floating solar couldn’t quickly become a significant contributor to a future dominated by clean and renewable energy. FPV will be a significant contributor of the renewable goals of the USA.

Auteur : George Wissing

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