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Japan: Ondani Ike floating solar power plant completed in December 2023

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Ondani Ike floating solar power plant in Japan on an irrigation pond

Laketricity Japan Co, Ltd (Ciel & Terre International Group) developed a floating solar power plant and began selling electricity to Ondani Ike, Konan Town, Takamatsu City, Kagawa Prefecture on December 21, 2023.

Despite soaring prices for panels and other materials, as well as an unstable yen, Laketricity was able to successfully complete construction thanks to the cooperation of the local players involved.

Technical details of the Ondani Ike floating solar power plant

The plant has a power generation capacity of 2,652.0 kW and an interconnection capacity of 1,999.0 kW.

It is equipped with 665 W panels and is expected to produce 3,196 MWh of electricity in its first year. This is equivalent to the electricity production of around 550 households. In addition, the plant will be operated by “Suiden Mizumi Yon Co., Ltd”, which is managed by the Group.

“Compared with conventional solar power generation, floating solar power generation is an innovative method of energy production. It guarantees renewable energy without harming the environment by preserving arable land and considerably limiting civil engineering works. Thanks to this initiative, Laketricity will continue to contribute to Japan’s future energy supply.”

– Olivier Philippart, Deputy Managing Director in charge of Operations

What role will Laketricity play in the future?

Laketricity actively pursues the development of technologies that can be adapted to a wide range of regions and conditions. The company is also committed to promoting a stable energy supply and contributing to the needs of local communities by expanding the development of floating solar energy production facilities.

About Laketricity

Laketricity, the development arm of the Ciel & Terre International Group, is fully dedicated to C&I and utility scale FPV projects development. The company ambition is to promote and accelerate solar projects development taking into account environment constraints and biodiversity by providing innovative and customized solutions. Laketricity is a company from Ciel & Terre, a floating solar expert that has developed the first floating solar system in 2011 : Hydrelio®. With Ciel & Terre’s experience and know-how, Laketricity has gathered a large and reliable technical background, finding the best solutions to develop all type of solar projects. Since 2013, the group has currently installed 300 projects in more than 30 countries which represent over 1,000MWp.

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