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At Laketricity, we develop environmental friendly solar activities that comply with :

  • your needs,
  • your expectations,
  • and your site’s characteristics.

As experts in floating solar energy, we take charge of integrating the power plant into its environment. Depending on your project, we can also develop ground-mounted, rooftop, agrivoltaics and dual-use solutions.

We guarantee you long term passive revenues from the rental of your water body or land, while promoting the development of renewable energies. Our aim is to improve the planet’s future by preserving available land, people and natural heritage.

Floating solar

Floating solar is one of the pillars of solar energy production. It offers many advantages, including compatibility with a wide range of activities and reservoir types. Installing a floating solar power plant on your pond allows you to optimize an under-utilized water surface for additional income. Offset your electricity needs with discounted prices of electricity, while contributing to the development of renewable energy resources.

Our complementary solar solutions

Adding other sources of solar energy to your initial project is possible. Depending on the type of site, we can integrate complementary solar energy production sources such as rooftop solar on your facilities, ground-mounted solar, or even agrivoltaics installations to complement the floating photovoltaic power plant.

Laketricity combines water conservation and solar energy production…

Produce more sustainable, renewable energy while preserving water resources and valuable precious land and protecting biodiversity. We work with you to develop local projects that are well integrated into their local environment.

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