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Discover Laketricity’s complementary solar solutions

Our ambition is to be a major player in the energy transition of the territories by integrating solar energy solutions in a sustainable way. To achieve this, our teams seek to strike a balance between energy efficiency and the preservation of existing land and activities.

How? By making your business a priority, solar energy becomes a real added value that optimizes your operations.

As experts in solar power generation, we are able to include additional solutions, such as rooftop, ground-mounted or agrivoltaic power plants, to a floating solar project. Our teams will study your entire project potential and support you from the planning stage right up to long-term operation.


Traditional solar energy : ground-mounted and roof-top solar

At Laketricity, we define “traditional” solar as ground-mounted and roof-mounted photovoltaic systems. These two systems are the historical applications of the solar energy market.

They involve installing solar panels on metal structures on part of your land or on the roofs of your facilities.


Agrivoltaics (APV)

Agrivoltaics is a solar energy production solution that respects precious land.

As the APV is installed on top of existing agricultural fields, it complements the main activity and adapts perfectly to the farm’s needs. Indeed, with agrivoltaics you farm the sun twice, benefiting from the synergistic pairing of technology and agriculture.

Laketricity supports you in your solar development projects

Find out how our teams are already helping industries develop solar projects tailored to their needs and environment.

The Fetzer project,
combining floating, ground-mounted solar power and battery storage.

The Fetzer project in figures

Location Hopland – California, USA
Application Irrigation pond and under-utilized lands of Fetzer Winery
Laketricity solution Hybrid power plants : floating solar, ground-mounted solar and battery storage
Total surface equiped 3.3 acres
Total installed capacity 2.3 MW
Floating solar: 1 MW | Ground-mounted: 1.3 MW
Battery storage 360 kW – 798 kWh
Yield for first year 1,609 kWh/kWp
Estimated start of construction 2024
Estimated water evaporation savings nearly 11,000m3 (2,900,000 Gal) which equals 3 Olympic pools
Electrical consumption Electrical equivalence consumption of 312 homes/year
CO2 emissions 1,420 tons of CO2 emissions savings the first year on electricity generation

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