About us

We understand that historical and current energy productions have had unintended consequences for the environment, for this we are deeply engaged in the clean energy transition. 

Our mission is to deploy solutions to positively integrate renewable energies into its local environment. We strive to promote and accelerate floating solar project development while offering the optimum solution to add value to your real estate.

As part of Ciel & Terre Group, Laketricity has nurtured a large and reliable technical background, conceiving the best solutions to develop safe and sound floating solar power plant. Since 2015, we have developed more than 90 projects around the world from 100 kWp to 20 MWp, we tailor made the project to your needs and specific site characteristics.

Our missions

Laketricity's Mission : to combine water and electricity for advanced solutions


Floating solar


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your needs
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solutions that
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Simplifying Floating Solar


Meeting your floating solar needs
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Developing solutions that embrace
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energy innovations

Our values

Why Laketricity: Expertise


Started in Japan, our managed portfolio includes 27 floating PV plants and 90 projects developed globally operated since 2018.


Is our motto ! We operate in 5 continents and collaborate with regional developers to answer any local challenge with a custom-made solution.

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It is our priority to take care and preserve the fauna & flora. Our solutions include environmental studies and aims at not only preserve but also enhance the biodiversity on site.

Eva Pauly, Chief Executive Officer at Laketricity

Laketricity at its core strives to provide solutions to some of the planet’s greatest challenges: Producing more sustainable and renewable energy while conserving valuable water resources, productive land and protecting biodiversity. We aim to develop local projects that make sense to the community, whether combining with an electro intensive user facility, linking up an existing Hydro dam infrastructure, pairing with battery storage for greater resilience or serving new technology like green Hydrogen; it is in our DNA to look beyond traditional solar!

Eva Pauly, 

Chief Executive Officer, Laketricity 

Eva Pauly, Chief Executive Officer at Laketricity

At the very beginning Ciel & Terre developed solar roof projects before focusing on floating solar activity. Laketricity is the continuity of our first activity ! The teams act to develop solar projects, challenging solar energy applications around the globe by creating opportunities to make tomorrow a better world with renewable energy.

Eva Pauly, 

Chief Executive Officer, Ciel & Terre 

World Wide Presence

Laketricity people

A Ciel & Terre Entity

Ciel & Terre is the trailblazer of the floating solar market. Founded in 2006 and after several years specialized in the development of roof-mounted solar structures, in 2011 Ciel & Terre invented the concept of floating solar power plants with the design of the 1st floating solution: Hydrelio®.

Today, the company has participated in the construction of 252 projects in more than 30 countries which represents 700MWp. The diversity in the floating solar plant applications gives a strong and reliable knowhow shared through the group.