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Finance and project administration

What state agencies are being consulted in the development of the floating solar project?

The project development includes the studies and the design of the power plant as well as the constitution of the building permit file. This phase is carried out in close collaboration with local stakeholders and government departments.

As soon as the project is launched, we present the process to the municipal council of the municipality concerned by the project to ensure good information and to integrate the recommendations and advices of the local representatives. They are informed as the project progresses and we adapt the consultation process to their requests.

Authorities having jurisdiction are consulted while we conduct the necessary studies during the first phase of development and the project is presented to them in order to gather their recommendations. One or two framing meetings are held with the various departments to design a project adapted to the territory and to local requirements.

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Do banks financially support floating photovoltaic projects?

Yes, most of the floating photovoltaic power plants built around the world have been financed and supported by local but also international banks.

For example, in Japan, projects have been financed by national and regional banks, and in France, the 17 MWp O’MEGA1 project was financed by a non-recourse financing of about 12 million euros.

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