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First-ever electrical and electronic waste (WEEE) collection organized by Laketricity in Bordeaux

Posted at 05/10/2023 Press releases

Bordeaux, France – First-ever electrical and electronic waste (WEEE) collection organized by Laketricity in Bordeaux. On Digital Clean Up Day, Laketricity is organizing a collection of electrical and electronic waste (WEEE) at Darwin Ecosystem from March 13 to 20, 2023.

Laketricity announces its next event, aimed at contributing to a cleaner world through a week-long collection of electrical and electronic waste starting March 13.
This initiative is being launched to coincide with Digital Clean Up Day on March 18, and will be held at Darwin, Bordeaux (at the Conciergerie Solidaire). The initiative is in line with Laketricity’s mission to develop renewable energy production solutions and integrate them sustainably into their local environment.

Partners and Materials accepted

WEEE (electrical and electronic waste) are specific equipments that are recyclable

The collection is organized in collaboration with the Equitacom agency, represented by Nathalie Baumann. A recycling company specializing in WEEE, Ecomicro, is also a partner, to ensure that the equipment dropped off is recycled in accordance with current standards, and that hazardous materials are disposed of safely. Items accepted for collection are: screens, printers, CPUs, keyboards and mouse, phones, etc.

“We have created posters showing the equipment recycled by EcoMicro, so that people dropping off electrical and electronic waste can find their way around independently. Then, together with Eva Pauly-Bowles, President and CEO of Laketricity, we planned to drop off the entire collection directly at the recycling site. We chose EcoMicro because it’s locally based and that made sense for us to choose a partner close to us.”

– Estelle Crouvoisier, Organizer of 2023 Digital CleanUp Day in Laketricity.

What is the goal of this event ?

The event aims to encourage the public to adopt responsible e-waste management and reduction practices, and to raise awareness on the importance of recycling.

The event also highlights Laketricity’s commitment to sustainable practices, a vision from which the development of floating solar projects emanates. Indeed, the projects developed by Laketricity enable accessible green energy to be generated, while preserving valuable lands for other uses.

Laketricity is encouraging all citizens to take part in this initiative by bringing their old and unused electronic devices to the collection center from March 13 to 20. Everyone is invited to take part in the global Digital Clean Up movement.

About Digital CleanUp Day

According to the event’s website:

“Digital Cleanup Day is organized in France and around the world. The aim of Digital Cleanup Day is to create the conditions for a global awareness of the environmental impact of digital technology by deploying responsible, federative and convivial digital awareness actions that enable us to take the first practical step: on the one hand, by cleaning up our data and, on the other, by offering a second life to our digital equipment. Digital Cleanup Day takes place every year on the 3rd Saturday in March […] and is an initiative of World Cleanup Day France and the Institut du Numérique Responsable launched in 2020.”

About Laketricity

Laketricity, the development arm of the Ciel & Terre, is fully dedicated to C&I and utility scale FPV projects development. The company ambition is to promote and accelerate solar projects development taking into account environment constraints and biodiversity by providing innovative and customized solutions. Laketricity is a company from Ciel & Terre, a floating solar expert that has developed the first floating solar system in 2011 : Hydrelio®. With Ciel & Terre’s experience and know-how, Laketricity has gathered a large and reliable technical background, finding the best solutions to develop all type of solar projects. Since 2013, the group has currently installed 230 project in more than 30 countries which represent over 575MWp.

Author : Estelle Crouvoisier

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