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Loic talks about his experience developing a floating solar project at Laketricity

Posted at 05/10/2023 Interviews
Loic Blanzy Development team Laketricity

Today we’re giving the floor to Loïc Blanzy for his employee testimonial!

Can you explain your role at Laketricity?

I first joined the company as an apprentice. As part of developing our activities in Europe, my main task was identifying and securing suitable sites for installing and operating floating photovoltaic power plants. Initially in the Centre-Val de Loire region, where I grew up, then throughout France. It’s a hands-on job, which involves organizing prospecting and sizing offers. During my work-study program, I was also responsible for supporting the other developers in their day-to-day tasks.

What’s your favorite project so far?

For our projects to see the light of day, as for any company aiming to last over time, it’s first and foremost necessary to understand the issues at stake and to provide sustainable solutions. To achieve this, we need to take the time to talk to landowners, local authorities and government departments. It was becoming aware of this reality that enabled me to understand the usefulness of my job and to enjoy it.

Every project has its share of complexity. I wouldn’t put one above another. But there are situations that make you want to fight even harder, to find solutions, to help people and solve real problems.

When I talk to fish farmers, for example, I realize the full extent of the challenge they face in maintaining their operations. Predation, evaporation and pond atrophy due to algae growth are all phenomena for which our floating structures can provide solutions. The solutions are not easy to develop, there are many parameters to take into account and the results are not easy to interpret.However, there is a real willingness on the part of all parties involved to move the subject forward. And that’s what makes our efforts so worthwhile.

What makes you proud to work at Laketricity?

The energy transition has become a societal issue.

The subject is now on everyone’s lips, in every conversation. So I can answer this question by saying that I’m proud to work for a company that offers a solution to move territories forward on the subject.

Indeed, I’ve learned a lot since I joined the company in early 2021. When I arrived, I had no experience of the energy sector. But I knew that I wanted to be part of it, and to take action to find solutions to the sector’s major challenges.

The opening of the Laketricity Europe subsidiary took place shortly before my arrival. I therefore found myself in the extraordinary position of being able to learn and develop my skills at the same pace as the structure was growing and consolidating.

I think I’ve made my contribution to the development of our office, which makes me quite proud. There’s a lot of goodwill in our team, which makes you want to do things for others. I’m glad they believed in me.

Laketricity’s corporate culture.

When I joined the company, I discovered that some people had evolved a lot at Laketricity.
It’s a company where you can grow and project yourself. My manager Harold joined us 8 years ago on an internship and is now Director of Development in Europe. What I really appreciate is the realization that motivation is valued far more than career path.

We’re all very different, with sometimes quite atypical backgrounds. Some of us have worked in catering, others in language studies, aeronautical engineering, volunteering, consulates, IT, entrepreneurship, and so on. Laketricity has a remarkable diversity of profiles!

Renewable energy is a field that continues to grow and diversify. If our whole society is to change, then everyone needs to find their own way of contributing. In my experience, Laketricity offers this opportunity. It’s almost a mission in its own right.

  1. What’s your view on the future of floating solar power?

When you look at the latest IPCC report and see the trajectory of temperature curves around the globe, you quickly realize that we’re going to have a problem with water. In some areas, such as California, natural lakes, reservoirs and rivers are disappearing at a rapid rate. If floating solar power can help stem this tide, we must give it a try.

Author : Loic Blanzy

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