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What are the measures in place regarding site accessibility?

Agreed between the parties before signing the long lease, several measures can be put in place to guarantee the security of the site, and allow free access to the owner around the site:

  1. The transformation and delivery stations are fenced in to prevent intrusion, theft or damage.
  2. The power cable can be buried as soon as it arrives on the bank and up to the transformer station. However, this operation represents an additional cost and is a development measure to be discussed with the owner when drawing up the long lease.
  3. Traffic on the water body is controlled to avoid any accident or damage to the power plant and its mooring lines. The water around the power plant constitutes a natural barrier to secure the installation, thus allowing not to fence the site. When designing the project and depending on the owner’s needs, a ” protected ” zone can be defined on the pond to offer free and secure access.

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