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A floating photovoltaic power plant for mining and quarrying operations

As a mining operator, installing a floating solar power plant is a long-term solution that can address many of your concerns and constraints. One of these solutions is to increase the value of your unused land through the payment of rental fees for the occupation of your water bodies. When properly sized, our floating photovoltaic plants have little environmental impact and are 100% removeable. These advantages make our installations a sustainable solution, giving you the opportunity to continue to make economic use of your land.

If you’re an owner-operator, floating solar power can also significantly reduce your electricity bills thanks to renewable and local power supply. We can also help you to decarbonize your business. By developing floating photovoltaic power plants, you can obtain certified carbon credits to offset your greenhouse gas emissions.

Finally, it’s a sustainable way of contributing to the redevelopment of your site, even after your mining activities have ceased.

Discover all the advantages of installing a floating solar power plant and let our teams guide you!

Your floating solar project:
what are the benefits for your mining site?

Did you know ? Installing floating photovoltaic panels on your quarry or mining lake brings a host of advantages! Let’s find out together!

  • Receive rent that will enable you to increase the value of an unused or under-used property,
  • Reduce your electricity bills by using the renewable energy produced by the floating solar power plant,
  • Avoid conflicts of use by ensuring that the solar power plant is compatible with existing activities on site. Floating solar power is therefore totally compatible with your mining or extraction activities,
  • Rehabilitate the site at the end of operations by producing renewable energy locally,
  • Benefit from a level of water coverage suited to your operation and your needs,
  • Limit water evaporation: water is a resource that is becoming increasingly scarce. It is a large-scale issue for the ecological transition, and you can help to preserve it,
  • Preserve arable lands: by installing solar panels on a water body, you are not encroaching on land that could be used for other purposes.

Finally, we believe that the profitability and activity of your business should remain the priority. A floating solar power plant adds value to your site, which is why we will do everything we can to ensure that it serves your core business.

Discover the Piolenc project
Floating solar panels on a quarry lake

Piolenc is the very first project developed by Laketricity (formerly Multimega, the development arm of the Ciel & Terre group). It is also the first French floating solar pilot, installed on the company's own initiative. The project was developed in collaboration with Akuo, who remained active during the development phase and made...

Discover the project

Why choose Laketricity ?

When you choose Laketricity, you are working with a trusted partner who is 100% committed to your project. From the preliminary studies, through construction management and operation, right up to the dismantling of the floating solar power plant and site restoration, we support you at every stage in the development of your floating solar project.

We provide a consultation phase, which is essential to ensure that the project fits in with its environment and is accepted by the local community: neighbors and local stakeholders. We do everything we can to develop a floating solar power plant that meets your needs, for example by setting a coverage rate that considers the use of your site and existing mining and quarrying activities.

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